Terminators Select
Terminators Select Basketball is a boys youth organization that focuses on ages 12U, 14U, and 16U. We currently focus only on basketball and plan to add more teams with more age groups to our program as we grow our staff and members.
Terminators Select is a 12U , 14U, and 16U select boys basketball team organization. TS places a strong emphasis on education and community service as well as athletics.
The TS foundation is built around and strengthened by the beliefs that members of The Terminators family are strong believers in continued leadership in sports, communities, family, and academics. We will strive to bring the best oppourtunities at winning; not only in sports, but in life to each and every kid. We encourage players to improve in all aspects of their lives and therefore build self confidence.

Terminators Select Basketball offers a Winter registration special of $600. Payments can be made in one full payment, two payments of $300, three payments of $200, or four payments of $150. The first payment should be made at registration and each of the following payments should be made on the 1st-3rd of the next consecutive months.

Registration is now open for the TS team for boys ages 12U-16U Players are allowed to play up but may not play down. Age groups depend on players' ages as of September 1st. If you are interested contact Coach Chris Mitchell by phone, email, text, facebook, or twitter.  
Coach: Chris Mitchell
Managers: Ataya and Tiarra Mitchell
Email: terminatorsbasketball@yahoo.com
Phone: 817-805-2281
Twitter: www.twitter.com/TSbasketball_
Facebook: www.facebook.com/LTSbasketball